I find myself trying things on a daily basis. For the fun of it, the thrill of it and even for a good laugh. Almost daily, it seems that we as human social beings take on various emotions throughout each day. The variety of them sheds light on how things are truly effecting you and brings me to suggesting to try or attempt something new daily. I get people telling me all the time “Duke, I can’t draw or design anything” or the deadly “I don’t know how or have time to!” These phrase send chills down my spine and prompts me to ponder on setting personal goals.

Here are a few reasons why you should make an attempt toward something:

1. Its Challenges Your Mind:
When your undertaking a new skill or task, you are uneasy about how to start. Your mind snaps into gear in order to help you focus on how to complete the task.

2. Breaks up the Monotony:
Sometimes doing things in a routine fashion can create tons of boredom and distraction. When you switch things up a bit, it can provide excitement to help you push past stagnation.

3. You Learn Something New:
As I see it, learning is a part of life and to evolve with it is to keep learning. It will make you more valuable in all areas of your life.

The next time you find your inner voice telling you that you can’t do something or you don’t know how ~ just try to do it. Try your hand at it. Pick up that paint brush, work through the trial version of that app or strum a single string on that guitar. You might find a new hobby, trade or skill that will change your life in more ways than one. One thing that a great design friend/instructor (Mig Reyes) taught me that I’ll never forget is that: “Ugly is a part of the process towards beautiful.”

What will you attempt today?

Until Then,
Design with Life in Mind…

A. Duke

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