Sketchnoting As A Great Tool of Reference

Recently I've stumbled across an awesome site (Sketchnote Army) that was dedicated to learning the great skill of taking notes. This technique was called SketchNoting where you literally combine visual images to word references to log the conversations. In a…
Anticio Duke
November 27, 2012

Jason Fried – Start With Content

An awesome night for The Starter League students and staff to present a series of this magnitude. The first of hopefully many that invited Jason Fried, (you should Google him if you dont know him) a true gent and a…
Anticio Duke
November 7, 2012

Best Lego Machine Ever

So as a Mechanical Engineer, I'm intrigued by cool stuff and when there are LEGOs involved thats even better. Here is a setup that needs no intro. Check it out here: Lego 'Great Ball Contraption'
Anticio Duke
November 6, 2012

The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

A breakthrough book that shares enlightenment on life, the actions of others and strategies on how to start, fuel and perpetuate epidemics. Written by best selling author and psychologist Malcolm Gladwell, it is jam packed with case studies, analogies and…
Anticio Duke
October 24, 2012