Some people love working a 40hr week, 9-5pm; while others dread it. With the rise of the internet and technology, it is now easier to do more work in less time. This week we will look at a book that was written to share the ideas on living the New Rich philosophy: 4Hr Work Week.

Written by Tim Ferriss, the author, entrepreneur and risk-taker, writes this book to help those who want to live a life of luxury beyond the 9-to-5 grind. From lists of resources, examples and more on how to outsource your current work, strategize on having min-retirements and do more with less time. Based on real life experiments and results, Tim takes you by the hand and helps your live the New Rich lifestyle while doing so in a short time frame.

Interested in purchasing a copy, visit Amazon to get your copy today.

I am in no way affiliated to the writers/authors of this book. All comments, suggestions and recommendations are based on personal opinion and are in now way influenced by the parties involved.

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