With a ton of information accesible at our fingertips on a daily basis, its easy to see how connecting and grasping some of the key concepts can be a bit of a challenge. Notecards, pocket recorders and video themselves can sometimes take away from breaking things into digestable chunks for instant interpretation. Considering this fact, this book takes an almost natural approach to disciphering the moments of utter confusion and what this literature discribes as moments of: Blah, Blah, Blah.

Written by Dan Roam, the corporate consultant and whiteboarding extrodinare, Roam writes this book to offer a better method to capturing ideas and learning. Referencing statistics and learning methods, he sets the tone for readers to think back to the days of their childhood. In those moments, we jotted, scribbled and made drawings to no end and have somehow lost the connection. Dan shares the understanding of using both hemispheres of the brain to recall and retain information more efficiently through words and pictures. Packed full of quick tips to use immediately when you are in meetings, lectures and an extensive talk; this is definitely a book to add to any collection and will help you when words don’t work. Did I also mention ~ ITS TOTALLY FUN!

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