With a plethora of distractions and family matters at a rise in our lives, it can be difficult for us to make sound decisions. From times of change to split second judgement calls; working with the information that you have is something that is a must in order to solve problems quickly. This week we will look at a book that was written on how we think without thinking called: Blink.

Written by Malcolm Gladwell, the analytical journalist and best selling author, writes this book to help us understand how we think without thinking and the outlook on the choices made. The book illustrates key concepts and stories about how some people can be great decision makers and how others can be excellent choice makers in an instant. Based on research studies and interviews, articles and real life stories, find out how the campaign for the New Coke and the death of Amadou Diallo changed the course of history within a Blink moment.

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I am in no way affiliated to the writers/authors of this book. All comments, suggestions and recommendations are based on personal opinion and are in now way influenced by the parties involved.

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