When you enter into a field and/or industry of your liking, its pretty clear that you have more than a level of interest. What separates those who are just in the field from those who become well-known experts are those who strive for greatness. This week we will look at a book that was written to ask the question: How Good Do You Want To Be.

Created by Paul Arden, the advertising guru, writes this book to share some knowledge with those who are caught in the moment of being great and being mediocre. A very insightful book which shares his personal knowledge on things that have changed his outlook on success both personally and professionally. Based on years in the field, some practical application of these concepts and persistence, after reading this piece of work you may begin to question your own merit on being just good enough.

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I am in no way affiliated to the writers/authors of this book. All comments, suggestions and recommendations are based on personal opinion and are in now way influenced by the parties involved.

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