Everyone has dreams and goals that they are working toward everyday. What separates those who accomplish their goals, are the ones who actually take action and forge ahead to get things done. Some people get distracted by the requests and high demands of others and allow it to effect their pursuit. This week we will look at a book that was written to be a guide in overcoming these obstacles: Ignore Everybody.

Written by Hugh Macleod, the cartoonist and advertising master, to share some insight on his experience of making progress and goal achievement. Filled with tips on what to do, what not to do and some views on why to do them helps you make your own decisions and act. Comprised from his enjoyment of sharing his novice to expert experience and navigating the terrain of the big apple, his position of writing comes from a very unique and authentic place that helps and protects your personal projects, your ideas and your time. From his real life stories in the advertising world to his abstract doodles, you will enjoy this short book and its advice on why you should start ignoring people.

One tip that was highlighted that really resonated was:

You Are Responsible For Your Own Experience.

The basis of this idea stemmed from following your own path and journey. No one can say that what you are doing is good, bad or indifferent – no more than what you tell yourself it is. What you focus on and commit your time to is worth what you want it to be and you are responsible for what that means and does for you and your future.

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