With the rise of technology and media services, it can be very hectic trying to keep up with all of the things that command our attention. From work and side projects, family needs to social media requests, it can be overwhelming trying to keep everything in order. This week we will complete our book review on a publication written to help creatives and other like minded people accomplish the daunting task of being able to: Manage Your Day-To-Day.

Written by Scott Belsky, the designer and CEO of Behance (now Behance Head and Adobe’s Vice President of Products-Community), writes this book to help those who struggle with doing great work in place of busywork. Filled with insight from some of the best creative professionals in the world, it provides some tools to use to help handle any hectic workday. The contributions from Seth Godin, Tina Seeling and more set the tone for a action oriented framework that has been used successfully within various industries. If you ever wondered how to manage your own ideas, time and projects, this book will definitely catapult your efforts toward being more efficient on a daily basis.

One tip that was highlighted that really resonated was:

Love Your Constraints

The basis of this idea stemmed from being ok with the constraints that are given to you. In the process of doing this for any problem or project, you get to enjoy the process of problem solving and become more creative on a resolution. Having these restrictions help you think outside the box and assists you in growth both personally and professionally.

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I am in no way affiliated to the writers/authors of this book. All comments, suggestions and recommendations are based on personal opinion and are in now way influenced by the parties involved.

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