Its difficult sometimes to see the good when you are going through troubling times. Some people feel it can be a position of nature vs nurture or just the inevitable way that someone has been raised, that allows them to see things in a certain way. This week we will look at a book that was written to show us the things that could come out of the obstacles: Opportunities.

Written by Ryan Holiday, the author, marketing professional and media strategist, writes this book to share the outlook that one can develop and prosper from failure. Broken down by specific areas of interest, how a person perceives a situation, then respond to it while having the will to commit to that decision are the core of book’s essence. Find out how these concepts can transform a moment of failure into a moment of pure Triumph.

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One tip that was highlighted that really resonated was:

Love Whatever Happens

The basis of this idea stemmed from being appreciative of the journey as a whole. Learn to love the good things that have happened as well as the bad. In the end, there will be some value that arises from each incident and you much cherish the opportunity to gain insight from having gone through it. Experience breeds learning and learning nurtures growth.

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