With millions of people in this world that connect with us on a daily basis, its good to know about human interactions and building better relationships. More importantly how to communicate and observe behaviors to serve as a catalyst for understanding when words just aren’t enough. This week, we will look at a book that was written to re-enforce the much needed philosophy amungst people and levels of negotiation:Starting With No.

Written by Jim Camp, the strategic business coach to fortune 500 companies, writes this book to define how people should think about the art of negotiations. Dismissing the idea of win-win, Jim employs a system of decision based techniques to ensure that one feels completely in control of the situation. Relying on military methods infused with socialogical research and behavioral sciene, he places them in a easy to follow list and scenario based format that one could easily use for roleplaying. Although a bit dry and sprinkled with many military references, a great book to get you thinking about the best ways to handle any negotiation.

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I am in no way affiliated to the writers/authors of this book. All comments, suggestions and recommendations are based on personal opinion and are in now way influenced by the parties involved.

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