When it comes to starting a craft or new hobby, there are a few things that need to be considered. Most people undertake projects and hobbies with the understanding of just experimenting or not entirely committing to the path and reaching the expert level. Thats what this week’s book is all about: Quitting.

Written by Seth Godin, the marketing and advertising guru who has a wealth of books and publications on various topics, shares his take on the two types of quitting that are the framework of the book. Seth discusses the differences between strategic quitting (stopping something that isn’t working to start a new approach) and reactionary quitting (emotionally quitting when things get tough) and the significant impact it has on one’s journey. A few key concepts show up in this short little book, including the core of the book’s title and of which Mr. Godin illustrates as the journey one endures to get from novice to mastery of a skill.

One tip that was highlighted that really resonated was:

Embrace The Journey

The basis of this idea stems from the journey itself. In order for you to appreciate the journey, one must embrace the path and flow with all of the things that bring you to the point of excellence. Once a person does that, they become better both professionally and personally and win by coming out on top of the other side. This can help people go from novice to expert in a short period of time allowing for growth and advancement over time.

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