Before the age of the internet and accessibility through social media, it was pretty difficult for the average person to become vocal about their thoughts and beliefs in order to reach a mass audience. From writers to everyday consumers, it is now easier than ever to share with the world your position on just about anything. This week we will look at a book that was written to help understand the importance of communities and developing: Tribes.

Written by Seth Godin, the marketing and advertising guru who has a wealth of books and publications on various topics, shares his knowledge on why you need to become a leader in something. Seth discusses the value that people provide by developing an audience around ideas and causes that one can truly be passionate about. It was the position of an old time that only certain people with authority can have a voice that got heard by others which prevented exposure to new perspectives and ideas. Mr. Godin illustrates the power that the internet has created allowing for global connectivity and widespread influence which can elevate a message, cause and/or purpose to new heights.

One tip which really resonated was:

Managers Are Not Leaders; Leaders Don’t Manage

The basis of this idea stems from the unique roles that each position possesses. Managers utilize resources and efforts to fulfill a task or job responsibility without taking into consideration the ability to lead. Leaders on the other hand, inspire the personnel to help in an effort to create change and follow through with those attempts. Recognizing the differences allows one to become aware of the roles and the distinct value that each would provide to a team and/or organization.

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