Information is always around us as we move through our daily lives and is at the tip of our fingers with the access to the interwebs. Inspiration can have the same effect and play a pivotal role in the projects that we commit our time to. In this book, we will touch on a topic that can be used as an inspirational tool yet has negative connotation to it: Stealing.

Written by Austin Kleon, the artist and author from Austin Texas, crafts a short read that aids in explaining how stealing can actually make you better in any industry. This book is not a guide on how to steal but moreso explains the advantages of borrowing from artists and others who inspire you. The idea of taking some of the best tips, pointers and examples from various places can be combined in an innovative way.

One tip that was highlighted that really resonated was:

Make Connections

The basis of this idea stemmed from identifying similarities. Many times we overlook commonalities between things that are not in the same topic or category but if you are able to look at things a bit more from a comparison perspective, you can gain knowledge from it and make better things. Stealing is not copying. One must make things very unique to themselves in order to make it your own.
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