It was a chilly Saturday morning as I approached the Merchandise Mart eager to listen to ideas for the day. Greeted with a spread of decadent bagels, fresh fruit and ample boxes of Joe that any designer/coder could ask for. I must really thank Sean and CareerBuilder… 🙂

The Start
As the morning passed through, several cool ideas were pitched which generated tons of interest. All of them in extreme variety with the hopes on winning and/or generating enough buzz to captivate the attention of CareerBuilder’s staff and attendees. The cool part was that each idea had to incorporate the same flexible API that CareerBuilder had allowed for the day.

The Mission
As groups formed around the plethora of ideas, we began to narrow down the basic structure and functionality in order to get a jump on the execution. Brief discussions and some sketching of the user interaction helped the team see the process flow and get a handle on the best approach.
The Idea: Create a job-matching application based on job-seekers selecting images to capture preferences and connect them to opportunities rendered by Careerbuilder.

In a crude thought process of what would engage the user and lead them through the visual process, I sketched a Lo-Fi wireframe and layout. Coupling that with backend developers and directing the flow, we plunged into the interaction of the site. While the coding team was pushing, pulling and committing to GIT, the gents from Better Weekdays began hashing out the business details and presentation as I tried to perfect the pixels in the allotted time.
End of Day

Final Stage
After some last minute tweeks and feature adjustments, we begin finalizing things to compliment the presentation. Observing the other teams and witnessing how cool the ideas were presented, the anticipation to showcase our work filled the air. Chris and Kunal delivered the idea with emphasis on its potential. Jordan unveiled the backend functionality behind the site and its uniqueness from others ideas presented. Together we collectively, put our efforts towards conveying a great product within a limited amount of time.

Results Are In
After 24hours of dedication and hard work, we came out victorious! Read here:PinJobs Win Careerbuilder Hackathon

Celebrations Start!

1. Don’t Underestimate Tasks– Sometimes you expect something to be completed in an alloted time period. Be realistic about the duration even if you are in a crunch.
2. Share Your Process – Inform others on how your process flow works. You might find out that they will compliment it in some way or another.
3. Be A Fly On The Wall – Learn, Learn & Learn some more. Learn from others and when you are done; REPEAT! 🙂

Thanks to the STARTER LEAGUE STUDENTS in attendance! You all rock!

Until Then,

Design with LIFE in MIND…


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