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Top 3 Tips For Better App Redesigns

Redesigning an existing application can be a bit overwhelming, but in order to complete it with ease and not completely disrupt the current design, there are a few things that you need to know. What are the existing App Design…
Anticio Duke
March 14, 2018

When Sketchnotes & Art Comes Alive

Illustrations are great expressions of the moments and can be seen almost everywhere. None takes the cake like the approach that Volvo has made after reaching 100,000 likes on Facebook. In celebrating, that collaborated with Matt Johnstone, and illustrator with…
Anticio Duke
February 24, 2014

Sketchnoting As A Great Tool of Reference

Recently I've stumbled across an awesome site (Sketchnote Army) that was dedicated to learning the great skill of taking notes. This technique was called SketchNoting where you literally combine visual images to word references to log the conversations. In a…
Anticio Duke
November 27, 2012