The weekend is here and its time to get WASTEEEEDDDDD!!! Well not exactly.
What to you get when you combine more than a dozen web enthusiasts an idea and cases of beer. Introducing HACK & BREW SATURDAYS! 🙂
An idea that was developed by a few of this Fall 2012 class members, was simple. Every Saturday brainstorm on an idea and produce a quick MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the idea in 6 hours using tools you’ve learned in the week classes. (While enjoying a few refreshments…) This idea has created a cool platform for sharing and prepping for the big Demo Day in December.

This week’s challenge involved a simple way to display and review your ruby class and how to use them. An awesome daily dose of the vitamins to help you along the rails experience. Working through some of the functionality of the layout and features, simplicity ruled for the day. A few gents hashed out the back ground coding for the database, div classes and functions. A few rockstars hammered out the CSS and html codes for the frontend. In process, the team of designers created the wireframe, cool as hell H&B logo and the slick UI to enhance the visual appeal.

A few refreshments later…..

An the development of the awesome Ruby Vitamin web application. Check it out here: Daily Ruby Vitamin

1. Try Something New – Just do something, anything. You will end up surprised at how it enhances your learning.
2. Collaborate With Others – A sure fire way for all parties to get introduced to new terms, tactics and techniques.
3. Sometimes Sh*t Don’t Ship – A ode to Zach Zuber! 🙂 MVP is key. Sometimes in a crunch, you don’t get the chance to add all of the features you’d like to in the allowed time. Be mindful that Rome was not built in a day!
Awesome work to all involved. See you guys next Saturday.

Until Then,

Design with LIFE in Mind…


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