I recently embarked on a new journey within my UX Career and involved myself with an awesome startup: CraftJack.
Coming on board as the UX Designer in a space where I had the least amount of knowledge made it that much more appealing. The opportunity to learn something new. Yet like soo many things in life with minimal introductions, assumptions were formed. Upon meeting the team and getting an understanding of roles and expertise, I became well aware of the group dynamic. Total Collaboration! This is quite an amazing approach to building an awesome product development team. Following this, a bigger question formed: What about the product?
After a bit of research on the brand and company as a whole, I discovered that the opportunity was more than just your average two guys in a room working extensively to formulate an idea – it was something better with a bit more stability. So how does this relate to User Experience you may ask?

What I’ve Learned:

1. Be open to opportunities.
Most people have a certain type of job or project they’d prefer to work on. Opportunities that initially reveal themselves in one way may actually turn out better than expected if you are open to them.

2. Forget your assumptions.
Assuming things wont work in your favor only limits the potential of things being your counterpart. Drop it and just go with it.

3. Remain flexible.
In a world full of things that can change by the minute, the individual who is most flexible will inevitably thrive and succeed.

So what are your thoughts on opportunities? Did you not accept something in the past that you’ve realized could’ve been an amazing opportunity for you? Please share.

Until then,
Design with Life in Mind…

A. Duke

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