How to Handle a Recovery From Hardship

People seem to cherish moments of victory more than the moments prior to them. The hardship! It is easier to smile and remain elated when all the cards are in your favor and there is all but a win in sight. Contrary to that fact is the pain endured to reach that goal or achieve the win.
How do you bounce back from a downfall?

There has never been a set of rules that govern how you should approach your recovery simply because everyone’s circumstances differ greatly. Additionally, the length of time to renewing yourself may vary in more ways than one. Based on my own trials and life tribulations, I’ve found that a few rules of thumb seem to remain consistent and always bring me through the most trivial moments.

1. Remain Calm:
In the heat of the moment after something drastic or life changing, emotions can run high and unstable. By handling them in a calming fashion, your ability to think clearly about your next steps heightens and becomes your strength.

2. Use Support:
Everyone needs a confidant. Be it your significant other, spouse, BFF or a close relative; as a social being we all need someone to communicate with. This provides insight from an outward perspective and lets you gain understanding outside of your own frame of reference.
*Note: Personally, I don’t condone presenting your concerns to social media for answers but use your better judgement on who, where and how to share your dilemmas.

3. Self Belief:
Believing that you can conquer whatever situation that you find yourself in empowers you to push through it. Having this state of mind gives you motivation to take the necessary steps required to prevail.

4. Reflect Helps:
When its all said and done, knowing what went wrong or where things dissolved is important. Taking a moment to think through steps and processes of action will help you reference your own impulses and educate you on ways to prevent similar misfortunes in the future.

No matter if you’ve lost a business client, job, relationship or the investor to your next great idea; you will eventually regain your momentum. So what are you recovering from and what things are helping you.

Until then,
Design w/Life in Mind…

A. Duke

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