This evening was dedicated to making proper connections and links with similarities. After careful consideration to how the value of projects vs the priority it needed to serve as a functioning item of interest, we began mining through the alternatives. Helpful tasks where done by illustrating post its to visualize rapidly our personal thoughts to understand variable assumptions, beliefs, terms and definitions to ensure no ambiguity was present.

Introducing this activity was Nick Adams and Laura Valicenti(Archeworks Alum) who shared memories and ideas of previous moments of class while highlighting current works and client projects. This brainstorming exercise prepped the members to connect with prioritization seeking in projects based on needs relative to the urgency of implementation.

Considerations: Key Takeaways
1.) Identify Your Objectives – Know what your looking for and what you’d like to explore before immersing yourself completely.

2.) Prioritize Goals – Clearly setting a picture of the task and goals of achievement can save tons of time in the days to come.

3.) Find Similarities – Sometimes looking at what is existing helps outline what can be scaled or revisited so you dont have to start from scratch.

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