This eve was a general discussion on the research and design phase of the project analysis. Its basis was to divide several group members and in directly research, design and develop goals around the individual projects. Those objectives were as follows:

1) Food Hub
2) Food Aggregation
3) Mobile-Micro Enterprise

During the research phase, it forced members to take an extensive look at how we interpret the individual problems.
Posing some of the following questions:
Who are the end users? What do the users actually want? What is in place currently that isn’t working?
These questions exposed some significant opportunities to solve concerns through a universal design. Each question illustrated highly regarded areas of the most minute details which fueled an engagement like no other.

Following the discussion on discovery, each team shared dialog on parallels after becoming aware of the similarities that co-mingled with these objectives. Condincing those into action items to focus on the trove of information which could lead down plently useful paths.

Considerations / Take Aways
1. Act On It – The phrase “the early bird gets the worm” has always been validated in being proactive. Too much stagnation and pondering can derail inspiration, momentum and creativity. Move on ideas and tasks to create the flow of tackling anything.
2. Don’t Fear Failing – Nothing beats a fail but a try and nothing is more powerful than trying to fail. When you try anything to solve problems, it becomes a great teaching tool in understanding what works and what doesn’t.
3. Commit To It – Overcoming failure is a catalyst to trying new things. Make a commitment to self that no matter what you will try. Always start somewhere; anywhere… Just commit to STARTING!
Until Then,

Design with LIFE in Mind…


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