Integrating An Organization Software

Its unusual for a lead generation service to promote and/or recommend a competitor; but this is exactly what happened when MHelpDesk approached CraftJack to offer an add-on service for existing contractors. A mobile organization software that allows users to keep track of jobs and secondary contractors, it was a seamless marriage that would benefit contractors in a unique way. The biggest thing was to determine the best approach to communicate this to existing as well as new service professionals.

The Goals

There were a few challenges that developed while presented with limited information. Some of the key goals of the project were illustrated as the following:

  • Communicate product benefits clearly to users
  • Highlight feature compatibilities with existing CraftJack application
  • Design for multi-devices and email

  • MHelpDesk-Sketch1

    My Approach

    As the Experience Designer on the team being provided with very limited information, I completed a 3-Step Process to hit the ground running. The first step was dissecting the product to gather enough information to showcase including a demo request, test account and reviewing promotional and marketing material. After some tinkering and evaluating, I filtered through the few core things that were most important and aligned them with the goals listed above as my secondary step. Next, I sketched a few key layouts and provided some wireframe direction to communicate the intent in a variety of ways for both desktop and email correspondence while customizing for multi-devices along the way.


    Visual Decisions

    Lastly, have to work with a remote visual designer and provide the art direction for this project was quite fun. Utilizing some of the existing branding components that MHelpDesk had established, helped expedite the aesthetics of the product entirely. We chose to highlight the hands-on side of the service using actual devices that the software could be viewed on. After a few rounds of visual compositions, we landed on something that was suitable for the product and brand of MHelpDesk as a whole.



    View the live site here: MHelpDesk