Recently I’ve stumbled across an awesome site (Sketchnote Army) that was dedicated to learning the great skill of taking notes. This technique was called SketchNoting where you literally combine visual images to word references to log the conversations. In a book review I covered by author Dan Roam (See It Here), he covered ground on how both words and images work. In light of this, I decided to give it a try. I pulled out my sketchbook, some pens that I had handy and started. The results were astounding as I jotted things of basic shapes and form that I could ultimately recall days later. So much amazing that I refuse to tune back to regular lists, points and words and discovered tons of resources that are dedicated to this movement. So go ahead, try something new! You might come to love how it compliments your skill set.

First pass at it from Seth Godin – Behind the Brand interview. (No edits) 🙂

An ode to a few people/resources that have helped me along the way of my journey. Thanks to you all.
Note: In no particular order of influence or experience level.

Check out these resources here:
Sketchnote Army
Matthew Magain
Craighton Berman
Mike Rohde
Bakari Chavanu
Dachis Group
Eva-Lotta Lamm
Binaebi Akah
John Uhri

Until Then,

Design with LIFE in MIND…

A. Duke

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