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Book Review – The Obstacle Is the Way

Its difficult sometimes to see the good when you are going through troubling times. Some people feel it can be a position of nature vs nurture or just the inevitable way that someone has been raised, that allows them to…
Anticio Duke
April 6, 2016

Book Review – 18mins

Everyone has dreams and goals that they are working toward everyday. What separates those who accomplish their goals, are the ones who actually take action and forge ahead to get things done. Some people get distracted by the requests and…
Anticio Duke
March 26, 2016
Life Learning

Starting A Journey

Hello world and thanks for tuning into my story. This is a journey of life filled with tons of laughter, love, design and well almost every word in the English dictionary that ends in an "ation" (dedication, motivation, etc..). Considering…
Anticio Duke
October 1, 2011