It has arrived!! The first week of The Starter League and the feeling is similar to a kid in the candy store. I WANT SOME!!!! 🙂
As I arrived to the 1871 building full of excitement and the entrepreneurial vision to accomplish something, I was consumed by the amount of talented people in the environment. Attending the UX evening class due to a hectic schedule (I soo want to take all of the classes at once 🙁 ), I came in ready to immerse myself in studies. Having created a few websites with the user experience strategy in the past, I embraced the opportunity to learn more.

A great instructor and talented UX designer, Carolyn Chandler brought the core of Heuristic evaluation of interactive mediums to the light. Sharing insight on several elements including interactive, visual and context architecture provided some hidden gems to the overall design thought process while exposing the importance of sketching out ideas before approaching things. By it being a much more detail oriented process of thinking allows one to share the evaluation of a web product to clients keeping the user interaction in mind.

Some key takeaways to consider:
1. Interaction – Key element that allows the user to experience a love or hate relationship to your product. Understanding that you can’t please everyone; keeping this agenda at the forefront of your designs will make it easier for results to fall in the LOVE category. 🙂
2. Visual – Keep it simple. Too much attention to color, contrast and details can take away from the overall feel of the product.
3. Content Structure – Try to deliver content in a clean, organized manner. Look for ways to present to the consumer in order to make it easier to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Remain open to learning more no matter what level of expertise that you are at because no one person knows it all. Had I approached this class with the mindset that I had already knew ample about UX design methods, it would’ve definitely prevented me from being open to exploring more. Being armed with the right tools has allowed me to look at websites in a more critical way to ensure that the experience of the user is the best. Thanks Carolyn!

Until then,

Design with Life in Mind…


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