Directions, arrows, pointers, etc… all contribute to finding your way. They point to certain places and things that could potentially lead you astray or guide you into a location of greatness. This same analogy works for website flows and site mapping. Sketching and outlining the process of execution can add to a great experience if the user understands how to navigate.

Example: You’ve created a flow for how your e-commerce site would work during check out processing, after purchasing a product. If you’ve overlooked the small things like emailing purchase receipts or same billing/shipping address options yet included unnecessary windows for advertisements; this would detract from the goal that you set forth for your user. Same for content architecture and product grouping. Do not make a small task for a user a large difficulty for them to accomplish. Frustration leads to unpleasant users and could be the demise of future business. So plan your flow and go with it!
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