An interesting start to today’s class to illustrate what current companies are doing in relation to UX and design. Director of UX at Grub Hub, Josh Evnin-an awesome thought leader and member of the Balanced Team Chicago came out to discuss he thoughts and actual UX approaches with GrubHub. Meaningful advice on user research, wireframing and conceptual design and how it is welcomed and embraced as core functions of the team. In addition, he shared his experience with mobile design interaction and how the gamification of the Yummy Rummy App came into fruition. Quality talk which was a great lead in to visual design.

The visual design topic was a crash course on linking design patterns and wireframe foundations into patterns and graphical elements. This included ideas and topics of typography and font families, various color palettes and textures that compliment information architecture. It primitively scratched the surface of infusion but exposed an array of areas to specialize in.

Considerations/Take Aways:
1. Start w/a Good Foundation: Wireframes and sitemaps create a guide of reference and help you in laying out those visual elements. Use them.
2. Add Subtlety: Using textures and soft gradients can enhance the appeal of the site. Dont over due it.
3. Use Resources: Books, blogs, forums, other people, etc… Make the most of them.

Until Then,

Design with LIFE in MIND…

A. Duke

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