Everything has its own ebb and flow; including any site that you design. In creating this flow, it is important to test the use of how your users may interact with the navigation and the flow of the product in its entirety. This is where usability test come into play.

These particular test show where a person might navigate through the web application having not been exposed to it whatsoever. The earlier in the design process that you include this evaluation, you get the chance to ensure that you are creating the right experience for your mass audience. This can been done from lo-fi ideas of sketching, wireframes, clickable hyperlink pages to hi-fi concepts and paper models; as there is no limitation to how you can conduct these experiments. Other types of tests can offer different types of data such as heat mapping, click through tests, etc… as a way to cover ground in the overall engagement. As important as it is to test things, be sure that you have the right participants for the job. It may take a bit of time to figure out yet by conducting screenings, questionnaire and batched research source studies, it will grant you the best results for your project needs.

Check out the great video by Steve Krug who goes through the process in real time:

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