Whoo hoo – its definitely that time of the year where the weather is hot; sky is blue and all the big names in music visit the midwest in an epic adventure. Lollapalooza! Not only does it showcase some of the top names in the music landscape, it also brings thousands upon thousands of music lovers, foreigners and the merge of wearable technology.


Thats right! Hidden to the normal eye is an ultimate merge between the analog and digital space of technology. Lolla along with the partnership with Citibank introduced the cashless experience for those attendees with 3day passes. The pass arrived as a bracelet with an RFID chip embedded in the top housing that allowed users to use the bracelet as cash for purchasing items while attending Lollapalooza.

It works like this: Users can “register” their pass (bracelet) online by going to the website listed in the package provided upon shipment. Users then enter their information and added a credit/debit card number if they wanted to use the cashless feature (optional). Once completed, you enter a 4-digit pin code to use anywhere you made a purchase and that was it. It made all the worries of losing money, stolen cards, etc… non-existent in as fast of time it took to actually register the bracelet. (3mins to be exact)


Once your were in the venue, using the bracelet was a breeze. Each concession area had kiosk stations where you placed your order and simply tapped the top of the screen with the bracelet to make your payment. Simply enter your code and Viola! Enjoy the perks of cashless.

After experiencing this first hand, I think this will definitely gain traction as the event continues. It seemed to be a straight forward approach with no hassles even at the concession stands. The bracelet itself was pretty solid and remained in tact against tugs, some grappling and liquids. (water and beer included) In the future, I see this being a big hit for security and theft reasons in addition to an upsell in custom designs and event memorabilia. With the web integration, ads and discounts for neighboring businesses and transportation will also join forces to make the experience seamless. Good job so far by the Lolla team with merging the analog (bracelet) to the digital (web registry) and making it a nice to have.


Some Improvement Thoughts:
– See/read available dollar amount on the bracelet
– Track your schedule of Lolla shows
– Uber or Lyft instant pick-ups
– Open concession line tracking

Until then,
design with Life in Mind.

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