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Hello - I'm Duke. A Chicago based product designer with a love for creating seamless user experiences across various product lines. Check out some of the things I commit my time to using the links below. Feel free to connect for any inquiries, consultations or opportunities.

Product Strategy

From developing a solid frameworks to simplified concepts, I can provide the value you need in order to scale.

Design Focused

Design influences the way we think and use products and the right designer can offer the growth your business deserves.

You should live as though your life has color and it is important to design it that way. #mylifehascolor

Design Strategy

Functional Design Wins

From simple sketches to practical wireframes, the process for providing functional frameworks for software applications has value. I enjoy taking the time to outline these systems at the start of any project.

Interface Design

Visual Design Compliments

This is the stage where the visual design of a website or application shines. Applying brand style across the interface and enhancing the elements to bring the product to life is always an exciting feat.

My Product Design Work

Great teams and clients I’ve worked with

My Insights

June 22, 2022

Importance of Proper Design File Naming

Not setting a standard of properly naming your design files can become a problem. From lack of consistency, not being able to locate files and more, design file conventions can…
Who-Moved-My-Cheese-Book-Cover-Image-Anticio-DukeBook Review
March 22, 2022

Who Moved My Cheese – Book Review

There are really creative ways of managing change, which can be found in the book Who Moved My Cheese. Check out the following video which covers my review of the…
February 28, 2022

UX Research Methods And A Project In Action

Trying to connect with your customers can be tricky if you are not aware of how to do so. With many proven techniques designed to gather feedback, it is important…

Design Tutorials

As a digital product designer, here are videos that I’ve shared online teaching others about product design, gamification and strategy. Visit me YouTube channel for weekly content.

Product Design Tutorials

Useful Resources

With more information being shared daily, there are some useful items that I love to recommend to others. From readings to rhythms and product design, I actively discuss brands I’m consuming.

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Discussing products, people and industries that are using product design to do some innovative things in the world. With interesting tech topics, guests and more.

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