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There are many product designers that can offer visual design services for your next project. What you don’t need is person to push pixels. Your business needs solution focused strategy that can be translated into clean and clever design experiences.

“Love the knowledge base and the detail Duke provides.”

Ashley KramerVP of Marketing, Sisense Inc.

My Story

Anticio (known as Duke the Designer) is a product designer from Chicago, IL who loves creating clever and intuitive experiences for analog and digital products. A serial entrepreneur with a knack for translating simple ideas into products or business opportunities, his ingenuity sets him apart from those who simply design for screens. An award winning mechanical engineer with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering who transitioned to app design, he has been able to successfully bridge the gap between software applications and the products that require them. He is an active member of several design communities like DesignX Community, Consumer Product Lead for WDI Studios, Product Design Strategist for GoHealth, Lead Content Director for Eighth Hour Media; while on the constant pursuit of self-improvement. He reads extensively and shares design knowledge and recommendations on books. Duke has an affinity for helping students and underserved youth learn mobile design by moonlighting as a workshop leader for high school after school programs.

When Duke is not helping others design a life with color, you may find him at any sushi restaurant, live music venue or capturing content in a random location with his son. Feel free to say

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2018 - Present
Entrepreneurship Mentor
2017 - Present
Mobile Apps Workshop Leader
2015 - 2016
Coding BootCamp Graduate
2009 - 2011
US Patent Awards
iOS Mobile Apps

A simple process, goes a long way.

Informative Research

The right research can help inform the problem, people and the pain points they experience when trying to use your website or application. From user personas, moderated interviews to behavioral insights – research is critical to tackling the right problem in product design.

Exploratory Ideas

Even the most complex problems can be broken down into simple steps or ideas and that is what I enjoy. Taking a collaborative approach with ideating, sketching and prototyping various solutions solve consumer pain points in the product design process.

Intuitive Design

Digital product design that is not complicated or difficult to use is what drives sales, engagement and overall product success. Minimal yet informed interface design is what I strive to provide for every project.

Anticio Duke teaches mobile app workshop
Anticio Duke flies drone for videos in las vegas
Anticio and Adenio Duke sleepover at Field Museum Sue the Dino
product design marker sketches by Anticio Duke
Anticio Duke reviews book unseen unpublished black history

Transformative Design

Changes Businesses

There are industries that overlook the power of design and its importance on reflecting the brand, market positioning and overall customer experience of an organization. It is with this basis, why there is such a need to utilize rich UX/UI design within any organization that has frequent customer touch points.

Passionate Side Projects

Nio The Skunk and friends illustration
Cover to book Nio The Skunk

Adventures of Nio the Skunk

An illustrative story about a multicolored skunk on a journey through the unknown to find his father. In this book, you will discover topics of overcoming fear, the power of friendship and more. Written and illustrated by me on behalf of a real inspiration in my life; my son Adenio.

Life, Lies and Second Chances

LL2Chances is an audio/video podcast that discusses the lives of real people who share the value of living their truth and triumph through experience by taking action. From challenging upbringings to notable business ventures; these stories provide a lens of hope. Packed with principles to navigate life, occasional appearances from awesome people coupled with realism ~ these stories remain raw and unfiltered. Tune in for tons of open dialog, brash humor and most importantly; truth. Hosted by: Robby Esquire & Anticio Duke

Cover Art for Life, Lies and Second Chances podcast Anticio Duke and Robby Fakhouri
Life, Lies and Second Chances podcast Anticio Duke and Robby Fakhouri
product design image for climattude app by Anticio Duke
Onboarding image for climattude app by Anticio Duke

Climattude: Weather App

With mental health being a focal point of our lives, I’ve been curious to understand how weather plays a role in that. In light of this, I decided to build and app that allows users to select their mood based on the weather and play tunes on behalf of it. Feel free to check it out by downloading the app today.

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