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Barnes & Noble is Americas leading retail outlet for books, magazines and more. Having a national footprint of more than 600+ stores and counting, puts this brand at the helm of offline and internet book sales. This position gives way to being a fortune 100 powerhouse offering music, toys, games, media and more.


Barnes & Noble Booksellers

My Role

UX/UI Design

Product Design

Offline To Digital

Barnes & Noble College had a unique customer based made up of primarily students that they thrived to serve. Helping to develop strategies around promotional design and advancing it’s current mobile application’s shopping experience proved a success. Understanding mobile device use, flexible purchasing options and discounts using geolocation technologies were at the core of my design strategy. Success of the application derieved from an increase in student body and store management interactions as well as app engagement.


A Challenge In Sales

Being a retail space heavily comprised of the student population, it was clear that books were in high demand. The frustrations were heightened with requests for various books increased yet availability dwindled. After making endless iteractions and improving the existing ordering workflow, as the lead of the team – we were able to streamline the process and integrate the experience into the mobile app. Not only was there a reduction in paperwork but it allowed for inventory and student request tracking. A win for both the business and the students!

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