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Billboarder is a SaaS application that provides an easy marketplace for indoor and outdoor advertising. This online service helps advertising teams discover ad space customized for their campaigns allowing for concentrated campaign launches without the headache of traditional media outlets. Since its launch in 2017, the Chicago based start-up has positioned itself for a series A round of funding and investing to strengthen its brand in the market.

Simply put, the team is dedicated to changing the way businesses source and place traditional media campaigns by taking the fragmentation out of the process. The marketplace helps businesses position themselves in a highly competitive market to maximize their exposure and marketing dollars. Developing a bold brand and a simple user experience to complement this mission is one that has the potential to be extremely disruptive.


BillBoarder, Inc.

My Role

Creative, UX/UI Design, Strategy

Brand Matters

Developing a bold brand and a simple user experience to complement this mission is one that has the potential to be extremely disruptive.

The biggest challenge?

After years of massive budgets for ad spend and a cumbersome process with selecting, acquiring and placement of campaigns, Billboarder turned to the team for assistance. The initial problem was to decipher who and area could be selected based on demographics and activity. Following this narrative, the preparation, payment and submission of the artwork became part of the process of focus. 

Tackling these nuances became appearance for both the admin side as well as the consumer side in an effort to provide the appropriate features to complete the task.

Building A Platform For Accessible Ad Space

We started with researching the consumer and focusing on the core desires of a success campaign launch. This was done by a series of interviews with media managers and advertisement teams who offer and place orders regularly. In doing this, it allowed for the team to identify opportunities of improving the overall process, uncover gaps that could cause errors as well as discovering clear areas of friction where innovation could offer experimental solutions.

We worked to define some of the branding and overall direction with a partnered team to ensure the company’s mission was clear. Improving the user experience with innovative area selections, mapping and artwork preparation ensured the application could work seamlessly within the browser. With reusable components, a modern user interface and consistent iteration as the guiding principle of operating, it made the process much smoother to work through. 

As ambitious and complex as this project was, we took the approach of daily communication with the leadership team and the rapid iterations of design direction. This kept the momentum high for the various stakeholders as we moved the agile process. We concluded by designing and building a fully customized responsive SaaS application for easy discovery, acquiring and placement of creative ad campaigns.

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