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As the cannabis industry continues to create change in the areas of business and personal wellness, many are creating products that support the industry. The BudBox Brand team approached with the idea of building a brand around personal smell-proof cannabis containers. I was tasked with helping to develop the company brand, creative direction and website to support their launch and wanted to help in a big way. Being an advocate for medical cannabis, I was thrilled to have partnered with some great minds on this product.

As market research continued to validate the need for more medical cannabis based product lines, the client stressed the importance of sourcing quality items. Working alongside of vendors and material specialists offered a glimpse into the intricasies of working with a variety of resources and the craftsmanship along. This also led to easy access of products in order to snag some unique photography and process videography. Having these will allow for more flexibility in showcasing and telling a powerful story for the brand.


BudBox Brand

My Role

Branding, Creative, Web Design

Quality Matters

“The stigma around medical marijuana exists even if a person simply smells it around you. Our goal is to try and help eliminate that!”

What has been some of the biggest challenges working in a newly created yet illegal industry?

Being an advocate for medical marijuana had its perks in this particular project and I’m delighted that I was called for the job. The challenge surfaced when the complexities of the production process increased. Manufactures can be very used to doing one thing or another in order to reduce cost.

While developing the brand, this became a factor due to the differences in production from one vendor to another. Considering the variety of products as well and quality associated to each item, it became a challenge attempting to streamline the approach. Standardization became a bit troubling but it did not stop the desire to pivot in a different direction to satisfy the client.

Budbox Mission

“Our mission is to create quality products to serve medical cannabis users.”

The Budbox Mission is built around the idea of creating quality products to serve medical cannabis users. Many Americans find marijuana to be a substance of leisure activity, as it still is considered illegal under federal law. While this holds true for those who casually consume the natural plant, there are hundreds of thousands that depend on the medical benefits to live a quality of life. We are here to support this cause with our unique product offerings.

In addition to the wealth of benefits that the plant can offer treatment for, our products comply with the Compassionate Care Act in order to protect those who are authorized to obtain medical cannabis. With an alarming number of (POC) People of Color receiving convictions based on small amounts of marijuana, a percentage of our proceeds will contribute to causes that reduce these numbers and provide resources to support re-established victims.

The Budbox Brand Team




Prior to initial product
launch and sales 


of the total sales of cannabidiol products are high THC cannabidiol products. (Hemp Business Journal; New Frontier Data, 2017)


is the number of businesses regarding ancillary services, technology and products. (Marijuana Business Daily, 2017)


billion USD is the expected market size of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals in 2020. (Ackrell Capital, 2016)
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