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ImproveNet is one of the largest web platforms for homeowners to get information and resources on DIY and home improvement projects. With a user base of more than 100,000 that relished the useful tips and tricks provided, it was now time to introduce new content and a direction that supported its ever-growing web platform. This required presenting new info, developing a new brand as well as other critical things for more user retention.


ImproveNet Homes

My Role


Interaction Design

The Goals

Some of the key goals of the project were illustrated as the following:

  • Redesigning the brand direction and aesthetic
  • Showcasing service professional information and content
  • Design and develop new features and components for more engagement

The Challenges Faced

After viewing all of the new information that was being provided by service professionals, it was challenging to display this information in a more accessible way. Users normally try to scan the page quickly for the most useful data so info-architecture and some content strategy techniques were vital to this project. Also trying to layout the proper arrangement for user profiles yielded some challenges on client data and display states.

The Many Opportunities

Using analytics from our outlets, it allowed for me to see how the information was being accessed in addition to what was most valuable to our users. Below you will see a video clips that showcase some new features for more user engagement and product components. From the web platform to the new Q&A mobile application, this allowed development to observe how some of the new features functioned and the interactions involved to easily optimize the code to support it.

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