There is a constant thing that holds true within the life of all people, places and things in the world which can be illustrated in the book Who Moved My Cheese. This constant thing does not discriminate, display favoritism and/or offers any reservations about its existence. We know this thing to be: Change! 

In my early years of exploring the world and being able to run free without any care in the world and/or responsibilities shifting my focus, change was less noticeable. Changes in the style of clothing or the fast-food places my friends and I would enjoy our favorites, seems like the norm. $1.00 Dollar menus, weekly specials and season items kept us focused on the now. As soon as an opportunity surfaced to change those things, we cared slightly less and committed to our rebellious and adolescent ways. Most things will remove the same until forced by change.



A Parable To Live By

This book is cleverly written with the idea and concepts that younger and older audiences can relate to. Rooting in a fun parable about a few mice, Spencer takes this concept to a place with knowledge and lessons can be learned. Based on four unique characters (Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw) stuck in a maze and finding, enjoying and discovering their cheese. As the metaphors of cheese being whatever we want out of life, Johnson explains the maze as an environment of our experience and the problems we face due to inevitable change. More importantly, Who Moved My Cheese is packed with stories that talk about how to see, react and adapt to change since it is always happening.


Change Will Happen

Just as the daylight turns to night or a relationship turning from grand to great; change will take its place in our world. Taking the learnings from this book will offer you a great outlook on life and express how to handle current differences. One will be well equipped to apply the goal of anticipating, adapting and growing from the sporadic moments that are faced in life. I definitely recommend this short read to all individuals going through change who have the slightest idea of seeing how things can be different. 

Check out the following video for more of a deep dive into the outline of the book. Some of the connections that are made after reading through this book several times is simply golden. 

Your life has color, so design it that way. AD

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