Digital Product Design Resources

As a designer, there are tools, resources and creators that have assisted in me advancing my skills over the years. Since design is meant to be a shared experience, below are some of my top recommended content and creators. Enjoy and feel free to let me know if you’ve gotten value from any of them.

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Throughout my website, some of the links may be affiliate links. My recommendation for these items are things that I’ve personally used, have enjoyed or strongly believe can assist you on your design journey. Should you click on them and make a purchase, I earn a small amount from that sale. The use of these earnings will be applied towards things like domain and server fees, various tools and other equipment costs to help further my side projects. I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

Design Courses

Online Courses

Dribbble – Product Design Course

As the top community for designers, this 16 week training covers design thinking, UX/UI research, prototypes and more. Receive a certification when complete!

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MengTo – Design & Code

Online courses for visual UI design, mobile application development and Front-end code. Great course for those looking to design and develop apps in Swift and React.

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MLWebco – UX/UI Training

Created by the experienced lead Mike Locke, this course offers a helpful tips on how to navigate, design and deliver UX/UI projects. Mike’s easy approach can help both novice and experienced learners.

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Mizko – The Designership

This course is jam packed with knowledge, design execution and handoff development. Mizko shares his techniques from UX Research to Delievery with real project assets and templates.

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Dribbble – Visual UI Course

This 8 week course is jam packed with tips to help you level up your visual design skill. Created with mentorship, group collabs and real-world case studies, you’ll gain industry knowledge instantly.

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Skillshare – UX/UI App Design

One of the largest online learning communities with several great courses for learning product design, UX/UI and more. Get a 30day free trial when you sign up.

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IX Design Foundation – User Experience

Online UX design courses by experts, with industry-recognized certificates and more. Learn empathy, emotional design and more at your own pace.

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MDS – Shift Nudge

Created by one of the most sought after UI Designers in the industry, Matt D Smith (MDS) provides a wealth of knowledge in visual design, scaling and more.

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